Care and/or Supervision
Licensees are required to ensure adequate care and/or supervision of children and residents in care facilities. Licensing Officers provide monitoring of care and supervision plans to assess whether individual needs are met and individuals in care are protected from financial, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse and neglect.
Hospital Act
Health Protection is responsible for monitoring residential care sites designated under the Hospital Act for risk to health and safety of vulnerable adults. Monitoring duties include conducting site surveys and review of incident reports.
Hygiene and Communicable Disease Control
Licensees are required to ensure facilities maintain acceptable levels of hygiene, communicable disease control and other practices in order to avoid compromising the health and safety of persons in care.
This category contains a number of administrative requirements for compliance and ensures that the duty to inform the medical health officer of any significant changes to the operation of the facility is done.
Licensees are required to store, administer and record the medications administered to individuals in care. Licensing Officers examine medication practices to ensure legislative requirements are met.
The stated requirement is Not Applicable for this facility.
The stated requirement was Not Assessed at the time of this inspection.
No Changes Required or Updates Required to the facility information
Nutrition and Food Services
Licensees must promote nutritional health and are required to store, prepare and serve food and fluids safely. Licensing Officers inspect nutrition and food service practices.
The facility is either Observing or Not Observing Recommended Practice
Physical Facility, Equipment and Furnishings
Licensees are required to maintain the facility, all equipment and furnishings in sanitary and working condition. Licensing Officers inspect to ensure the facility and equipment is safe, free from hazards, in good repair and is appropriate for the needs of the individuals in care.
Policies and Procedures
Licensees are required to have written policies and procedures to guide staff in all matters regarding the care and/or supervision of individuals in care, and ensure they implemented by staff.
Licensees are required to provide a variety of programming, which includes both indoor and outdoor activities, and meet the physical, social and recreational needs of individuals in care.
Records and Reporting
Licensees are required to keep records on facility matters that guide staff in ensuring health and safety of individuals in care. Licensing Officers inspect record keeping and reporting practices to ensure they are compliance with regulations.
Recreational Water
Recreational Water refers to swimming pools, hot tubs, and water parks and beaches.
Licensees are required to ensure a facility has enough staff, who possess adequate training and experience, to meet the care, supervision and needs of individuals. Licensing Officers inspect to ensure adequate and appropriate staffing levels are maintained and that all employees meet basic health and competency standards, and are able to carry out their duties effectively.
The facility is either In Compliance (Yes) or Not in Compliance (No) with the Requirement.